Saturday, August 30, 2014

Let me know what you think.  Did this fix work for you?


  1. Hello Chris. Thanks for the great how to fix it on the hand mixer. I had the same thing happening and was about to toss the darn thing when I came on your piece. I followed your plan until it came to the clip bending. I was having a hard time with the bending so I went to plan "B" by using a 3/16 hitch pin instead. It required shortening and a little re-shaping of the "loop" to fit the shaft but it worked out well. The beaters no longer fall out. These hitch pins are available at Home Depot for under $1. Don't see an option to attached a photo... so 3/16" hitch pin part #570-452, two to a package. Thanks again for putting me on to the fix. Dave

  2. OK, here is a link to the picture of the hitch pin...